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Buying a used car is an important decision that involves many elements to be considered before rushing into it. Once you have found the perfect vehicle, financing is the key to getting your new car under the best possible conditions. Whether you’ve decided on a used SUV, sedan or compact, various auto credit solutions exist to meet your needs.

A tailored car loan
Whatever your situation, you have access to personalized and customized car financing by trusting Crédit Oui professionals. Choose one of the following options:

  • Bank financing
  • Alternative financing
  • Leasing
Personalized advice

At Crédit Oui, we are used to working with financial organizations and are familiar with the various financing solutions that exist. Our team is composed of specialists at your service to accompany you at each stage of your application for financing. You can trust them to guide you to the solution that will best fit your personal situation.

Get tailor-made advice to help you sort through the flow of information and get the best auto credit depending on the specifics of your request. No matter what your status is (retired, unemployed, self-employed, etc.) financing is available for you.

2nd and 3rd chance credit

You have found a used SUV, a used sedan or a used truck but you are afraid that your current financial situation does not allow you to acquire the vehicle of your dreams? At Crédit Oui, we have the solution! With 2nd and 3rd chance credit, you can enjoy your vehicle quickly, no matter what your situation.

Indeed, it is, nowadays, difficult to acquire a vehicle, even used, without a car loan. This is why the 2nd and 3rd chance credit exists, to allow people who have been able to meet financial difficulties in the past to renew their car.

Regardless of whether you have experienced a bankruptcy, a default in payments, or if you have already made a proposal to the consumer, the 2nd and 3rd chance credit is the ideal solution to allow you to access a financing solution that takes into account your history. It also allows you to improve your credit report!

Contact the Credit Oui team to learn more about financing a used car and find out about the different solutions available to you.

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