Why choose CreditOui.ca?

For our fast service, professionalism and the skills of its credit specialists.

Where can I see your vehicles?

The inventory is always changing. Once your credit is approved, we can confirm the desired vehicle with our dealership and schedule an appointment for you.

Can I proceed from a distance?

Yes.You can complete your application and receive your approval by email or phone. You will only have to come to signing your documents once the vehicle has been chosen or request home delivery of the vehicle.

What will my interest rate be?

From 4.99% for standard credit and from 8.99% for specialized credit. How do you know exactly? Complete an online application and we can give you your options.

Do you do home financing?

No Unfortunately. Home financing is often the dealer or merchant asking for a down payment and charging you a higher interest rate. We can offer you the equivalent, but with recognized specialized institutions that can report your payment habits to the credit bureau and thus allow you to restore your credit.

Are there any fees to apply?

The online credit application and the analysis of your file is 100% free.

Do you accept the trade?

Yes. A visual assessment must be done by one of our specialists in order to be able to determine the current value pf your vehicle.

Can I finance from a private or another dealership?

No unfortunately we do not offer this type of service. This approval is only valid in the dealer affiliated with CreditOui.ca

So, don’t wait any longer! Complete an online application now and you could drive your next vehicle today.

Mon approbation peut-elle servir se je désire acheter le véhicule d’un autre concessionnaire?

En général, nous entrons en contact avec vous dans l’heure. De là, selon votre profil de crédit, nous pourrons vous préciser le temps nécessaire. En général, entre 48 et 72 heures à partir de votre approbation complète.

I need a vehicle now. How long does it take?

Usually we’ll get in touch with you within the hour. From there, depending on your credit profile. Typically, between 48 and 72 hours from your final approval.

I am a newcomer, and I do not have my Canadian citizenship, can you help me?

Yes, we have several financing options available for you.

I am retired and / or receiving a pension?

Yes, we can obtain financing adapted to your profile from our institutions.

I had a bankruptcy?

No problem, whether you are in your first bankruptcy, or your second, whether it is discharged or not, we are accredited by specialized financing institutions that can approve you and offer you the adequate financing for the purchase of your next vehicle.

Do you have any warranties offered when buying a car?

Yes! You can have peace of mind by adding our protections to your new purchase. Whether it’s an Extended Warranty, a Loan Insurance,

(Life Insurance, Disability Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance) we offer products from the best companies in the industry.

Do you have a new job?

You have just started a new job; we can obtain financing for you from financial institutions with which we are accredited. Whether you need regular or specialized financing you will be pre-approved.

Est-ce que je peux vous référer l’acheteur de mon véhicule pour son financement ?

Non malheureusement, nous n’offrons pas ce type de service.

Do you carry out car financing in partnership with banks?

Yes, we have several recognized financial partners who report directly to Equifax and TransUnion credit bureau. Your auto financing will be listed and will promote your credit rating.

Do I have to respect the term deadline granted to me?

Our car loans are “open” type financing. It is therefore possible for you to change your car faster than the term set at the start and without any penalty in terms of interest or bank charges.