The total cost of a vehicle, including any charges the lender may have for the car loan and any options or add-ons you choose.


The length of time that payments will be made. Typically, terms range from 36 to 72 months (sometimes shorter or longer terms are possible).

Interest rate

The percentage that the lender asks you to borrow money. Interest rates can vary depending on the vehicle and the risk that the lender perceives in lending the loan.When you get a car loan, you usually make payments to a lender rather than the dealership.

Employment and income

Self-employed, retired and other forms of income, such as certain types of government assistance, may also be accepted.

Driver's license

No, it’s not necessary to have a valid driver’s license.

Bank account

The lender will need to withdraw the payment from your bank account every month. The easiest way is to get a void check or pre-authorized payment form.

Current address

In order to complete your loan documents, you must provide the lender with your current address.

Deposit or down payment

Down payment is not always necessary. Many of our client take possession on their vehicule without a cash implication.